About Ashley Brown 

I'm a one person shop. It's just me, Ashley Brown at the helm of Ashley Brown Strategy, which is how I work best. Originally I tried hiring a huge team and found that I was spending more time managing the team then running social media and Public Relations and so I downsized, so that I could return to doing what I absolutely love. I handle social media + public relations for clients in the food/wine, hospitality and tourism industries and am very, very good at what I do. I only take on 4-5 clients per year max to ensure that I stay focused on my partners and not spread myself too thin. My background is in digital photography, marketing and journalism and I currently am a contributor to Huffington Post and write about 20 stories a year for them covering all things food, wine and travel.

Due to my background as a writer for a national outlet, I have contacts across the United States with top media outlets but really specialize in Southeastern regional exposure. I have placed my clients in outlets such as The Local Palate, Tasting Table, WNC Magazine, TOWN, CNN, Huffington Post, and many, many more outlets through the course of our time together.  I love my clients and am very loyal to the partnerships I've generated over the past few years. I'm based out of Greenville, SC and take clients within a 2 hour drive of my location. I really adore my life and the career that I've carved out for myself and I believe that joy I feel is reflected in the work I do for my clients. 


Destination Public relations

I specialize in destination public relations. This means, I pitch stories about why your location is where people should visit. I work with hotels, restaurants and chamber of commerces to host media during their stay on site. I work with clients to make sure they know how to speak with visiting media and play the role of hostess throughout the entire process. I love planning press trips and pitching press trips to my extensive media contact list and ensuring that media build worthwhile connections while visiting my clients. I have been on several press trips myself as a media member for Huffington Post, and know exactly how the process should go. 


Who We've Worked With: